Live: Beartooth

Any of you who know me will know that Beartooth and Trash Boat are two of my favourite bands at the moment, Beartooth blend my music tastes into one beautiful sound, whilst Trash Boat are making such massive waves in the UK Pop Punk scene it's hard to not love them. Their newest album has shown how their sound can grow so much and become so refined and incredible. And last night, I was introduced to a new band, VANNA. Hailing from the US of A they brought unbelievable sounds and stage presence to the Engine Rooms in Southampton, in support of Beartooth. 

Now, photo time. I'll just say, I'm really happy with this shoot. Which isn't something I say a lot as I tend to be overly critical of my own work, and am rarely happy. This time my access was sorted through my main man Tom Hawkes - Boots - of Road Hawk Touring, y'all should hit him up for anything tour related, driving, managing and teching, the hardest working man I know and a lovely dude to boot. 

So.. photos... first up was Trash Boat - - -

Then it was the assault on my senses that was VANNA. 

And finally, the sensational Beartooth. 

All in all, I'm really happy. Any feedback/comments/ideas are always appreciated so let me know! Reach me on social media @cammyhudson. 

Stay cool.