Tour Advice - Don't be afraid to help!

Right, some people may agree, some people may disagree, hey well, that's life! Anyway, on a tour with a band as a photographer - especially a smaller band - don't be afraid to help out, moving gear, moving bags/setting stuff up! Just because you're the photographer doesn't mean you're entitled to a free pass from work! 

Even if the band don't ask, offer yourself, also, offer yourself to support bands/the venue or whatever... make a good impression to everybody you meet on the road! Everybody knows everybody, offend one, offend everyone, impress one, impress everyone! 

Band members potential face if you sit in the corner and don't help at all...

Also - Tonight, Where There's Life played The Vestry in Dundee, a mad ass little pub and it was definitely a challenge for me to shoot, creativity was required... hopefully did the night justice and given the guys some photos they like! The only approval I need of my work is that of the bands! 

Anyway, help people, love people, stay safe! 

Beautiful jumps of Bruce Lean