Corby, Night Four of this wonderful Tour!

So, after an eventful night last night, we woke up in Manchester, myself, on a damn comfy couch and I thank the band for allowing me to crash on it, and not the floor - thanks guys x x x 

Anyway, after wandering Manchester for a few hours, finding a sweet sweet coffee shop (,a not so wonderful Taco Bell, doing some mad jumps in a shopping mall, and a trip to the Disney store (Bruce...) we headed to Corby - a place none of us knew existed until we rocked up, to find an unassuming venue, disguised as its day wear as a rugby club, actually housed a 250 cap damn nice venue! 

Sound check done, currently waiting for doors and some people to rock up and party... so I'll finish this later! Bye :) 

So that's it, shows over kids, and what a show, as per usual, the guys killed it, the venue was brilliant and definitely one of the best small venues I've ever shot! Plenty running around for me but ah well, would be lying if I said I didn't love it to death! Tonight was more of a video focused night for me as we have some projects in the works that needed content, but photos of course!

So, to sum, band were brilliant as always, and I was mediocre at best, no pulitzer prizes for me tonight, or ever... ah well! Can never get enough of my job and I wouldn't change it for the world! 

I have some things coming in the next couple months, including a YouTube channel with educational/entertaining videos (aka me embarrassing myself in front of a camera) and also a lovely little Etsy store where I will be selling prints and possibly some merchandise of my own so all you wonderful wonderful people can rep the Cammy H life! 

Tomorrow (after we find somewhere to sleep ha ha ha), the guys play an acoustic set in the Leeds branch of Pulp Clothing Stores and then a full live set, headlining a show at night! Gonna be a damnnnn busy day!