Night Three of Tour - Plan Ahead... or don't actually!

So, that's fourth show of Where There's Life's tour around the UK - third with me - and we're currently (as I write this) en-route to a last minute crash pad in Manchester! Having just finished playing The Live Room in Chester, we remembered we didn't have anywhere to sleep, and, none of us being keen to sleep 7 in an already full tour bus, we phoned and begged everybody we knew to get somewhere to stay! 

Thankfully, frontman Bruce had a friend who lives in Manchester and was able to offer us a room for the night! Not 5 star, but who cares! So, lesson learned, plan ahead.. or don't?? It's really funny and quite exciting! 

Technical jazz... Lighting was pretty poor, big LED spot lights on each side and no front lights, oh, and a parachute hanging from the ceiling....

Anyway, you don't care what I have to say, people only come here to see photos so... here! Bruce Lean and Cammy Barnett of Where There's Life at The Live Room, Chester!