Again... Shoot something different

So, I know I've already written about challenging yourself and getting out and doing something different, but, I'm gonna do it again! On Tuesday (22-03-2016), I was at a cocktail competition my friend Lewis was competing in, hosted by Fernet Branca.

Lewis a had already asked me to take some photos of him, so I had my D7100 body and 2 lenses, 17-55mm 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 in my bag. On arrival, I asked if it was okay to shoot, only to learn that the photographer hadn't turned up and would I be okay to cover the whole competition, so we came to an agreement and that's what happened! The bar was a super dim lit place, all shots at ISO 4000+, mostly 6400. Anyway, here's a selection of my favourite shots from the afternoon. 

Coming up this weekend I have a long long long (45 minute ish) screen recording video demonstrating my culling/editing workflow as this is something I get asked a lot! This video will show you me sorting and editing all of the photos from this shoot (although I do fast forward through some of it so it isn't too long!) 

Cya :)