Gear // This Nikon D5 is INCREDIBLEEEE

 Click the image above to access the Nikon website with full D5 Specs

Click the image above to access the Nikon website with full D5 Specs

So it's finally happened, the new Nikon D5 has been shipped to pre-orders! And, unfortunately, not me, although I did stumble across an article on PetaPixel demonstrating the crazy ISO capabilities of this camera, which, as a music photographer excites me no end! ISO 6400 is entirely usable, with even 12,800 and 25,600 being totally acceptable! 

I think this is an incredible example of what's possible now, with the Canon 1DX Mark II coming out soon as well, the technology in modern digital camera continues to progress and develop! Obviously, for mere mortals these cameras are slightly out of budget, but with the trickle down of technology, the advancements in these cameras will be seen in cheaper models in a few years time - EXCITING!!! 

These cameras aren't for everybody, granted, but, for the full-time photojournalist or sports shooter, they are an essential tool! Although, camera bodies are not the be-all and end-all of a system, the lenses are 85% of the image quality, invest in glass and you will see the rewards much more clearly than bodies! 

Anyway, here's the article, enjoy!

Also - Head over to to check out the full spec of this total monster camera! Obviously, the stuff of dreams but, not too far from reality from full time professionals.