Live: Years and Years at the O2 Academy, Glasgow

So... this was the most fun shooting a show I've had in a long long time! Olly Alexander's energy and charisma is unbelievable, contagious almost! It's impossible for it not to make you smile whilst working in his presence! I turned down the opportunity to photograph both nights in a row in Glasgow as I have Primal Scream tonight, however, after the first night I really regret it! 

The energy they have, the excitement in the crowd is incredible... genuinely fantastic. Whilst I may not listen to them on a regular basis, they are definitely a band to watch. 

Since I am a photographer (as are some of you reading) - I'll briefly talk camera and lighting...

  • Nikon D7100 (as per) 
  • Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8
  • Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5

Lighting was good, roughly shots were at ISO 2000/3200, f4/5.6 and 1/250-1/500!! 

All in all, a great show and a fun little job for a Tuesday night! Keep an eye out over the coming days for my POV video and commentary talking about the show and letting you guys see the wonderful Years and Years!

Go pick up they're latest album 'Communion' now!!!