Don't fight creative flow... and challenge yourself!

This is probably useless or blatantly obvious but potentially motivational...

So, I was sitting last night at around 11pm/1am, editing a video project for uni, and I realised that I was in a creative flow, I just zoned out of the world and focused on my work. I didn't feel tired, although I knew I should sleep, I decided not to, to just work and see where I ended up. To some people this might seem stupid but to me it made perfect sense. So I guess this would be my advice... don't fight or interrupt creative flow, just work, and see what happens! 


And next... challenge yourself, be surprised! 

So, I'm not a studio shooter, in the slightest little bit, but my friends in the band Where There's Life contacted me asking for a band shot, standard yet interesting style photo! Obviously, I like a challenge so I thought yeah sure.. let's go! And here it is: 

So yeah, I love it, they loved it, everyone's happy! This was almost a surprise for me, as I am by no means an expert on lighting, or poses, we just hung out, had a laugh and took photos! I guess that'd be the last point for this...


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