It’s been a while… a really long while

So, yeah, it’s been a long long time since I’ve written one of these ramblings about my life. So, here goes. I’ve recently moved to Hampshire and am currently trying to sort my life out, through expanding my business into weddings and functions, as well as pushing my own abilities in new fields such as continuing to evolve my video work and continue trying to push my own youtube channel and educational/entertaining videos. 

Shot from a recent Golden Wedding Anniversary shoot, featuring my new watermark for the rebranded company and site. 

On the subject of YouTube, yes it has been a while, and I apologise. For those of you who actually care what I have to say, I cannot express my gratitude to you, and I have even had a few people ask when I’m coming back. I wish I could explain how much that means. Anyway, there is a video (or 2/3/4) coming, to update you all on what’s been happening, some new projects I have, some new gear I have thanks to the lovely people at Nikon, and to ask you all for some help. 

That’s right, help. I need each and every person reading this to think about whether they know anybody who is soon to be married/planning a wedding. Then I need you to tell them about my site, about my work and point them in my direction. I want to capture their special day. Whilst I have not shot a wedding before, I have great experience in the world of family functions, wedding anniversary parties.etc. Therefore, I believe I could comprehensively cover a wedding day (with another photographer in tow.)

Moving to the future

As the heading suggests, I want to be at the forefront of the future of the art, and as such I am currently investigating 360 degree photography and cinematography, for use in VR headsets.etc. So, if anybody knows anyone in Ricoh, Samsung or Nikon who want to loan me a 360 camera… hit me up as soon as! ;) 

Coming Up

In the next week or so I hope to have updated posts containing my favourite images from festivals season, my time at T in the Park, Truck Festival and Y Not Festival. My hope is to have all of this sorted and posted before I head out for a little long weekend away with my good friends in Where There’s Life, as they’re playing a few shows: 

October 6th - Fat Sam’s (Dundee, Scotland) 
October 7th - Rise Music Record Store (Worcester, England)
October 9th - Rewind (Wrexham, Wales)

And, they recently released the music video I filmed/produced for them at the start of the year, find it here: 

and please please tell me what you think! It genuinely means a lot! 

So, yeah… that’s what’s happening, and I’m excited! 

As always, feel free to email/call me with any questions or comments!