Live: ADTR Cardiff

So, yeah, it's been a while.. over a month. Which, to be honest, isn't good enough on my part. I never wanted to become one of these "every now and then" writers. From now on, I want to push out a new piece of writing/video at least once a week. If not more. So. There. It's written down. Now - onto this story. 

A Day To Remember at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff. 

What can I say? My favourite artist of all time? Maybe, if not, definitely top 5. So. This shoot was a big deal for me. A really big deal. And I try not to get too worked up but, to be honest, I was. I was nervous. But it's important to harness nerves and use them to your advantage. First up on the night was the charming and talented lads in Moose Blood bringing their beautiful purple hues to my day - 

Keeping things going through my iTunes library, Neck Deep were up next, looking at home on the arena stage as they did when I shot them in a 300 cap venue in Edinburgh in 2014. Bringing their painfully energetic pop-punk sound and absolutely incredible crowd control from Ben. Anyway.. pictures.

And now jumping back to one of the bands that really, seriously has influenced my life and my music taste in a lot of ways. The incredible, timeless, New Found Glory. With the "20 Years of Pop Punk" backdrop behind them, it's truly hard to believe. Through the 45 minute set I don't honestly believe that they stood still for more than 2 seconds. Any of them. I was so blown away, although I have shot New Found Glory twice before, this was another level, and it was tough. So... here's some images. 

Finally.. the pictures you all came here to see. My efforts at capturing the raw emotion, talent and energy of the 5 dudes from Ocala, FL. The most sensational live show of any band I have ever seen, and it never, ever is the same. But.. enough gibbering - photos: