So long, and thanks for all the floors

So that's that, tour is done and done after unfortunately the band's Swansea show was cancelled as support bands pulled out and there was no replacements! So, tour is over and done with for now, finishing tonight with an incredible show in Leeds at The Milo Bar! With a sweet crowd singing along and a mad venue with a chrome ceiling (great fun for bounce flash - more on that later) 

Before that show, the guys (minus Cammy) headed to the Pulp store in Leeds city centre to play an acoustic set in store! Covering Four Years Strong, The Story So Far and City and Colour, along with their own acoustic performances of their songs! 

On to the live show, the venue was a crazy small room with a tiny stage, but weirdly for me, a chrome ceiling! This is entirely new to me, and my first thought was 'hmm, bounce flashing is gonna be horrendous"... as it turns out, the whole room acted like a giant softbox. I plan to do a post/video potentially regarding bounce flashing in smaller venues where flash is allowed. 

Along with this, the guys all just kinda lost it... in the best way possible! Every single one of them gave it their all, each their own disgusting sweaty mess at the end, and the post show hugs were the most vile, sticky yet loving things to ever happen! 

Moving on, this tour has taught me a lot, to value experiences in life rather than things, to go out and do things, tour the country, meet people, network and enjoy the world! But more importantly, it's taught me how valuable these guys are in my life, not only are they my favourite band to work with, they're also some of my best friends! Once again, Where There's Life, thank you! 


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And if they're playing near you soon, GO! It'll make you a better person. I promise. I'll be back on Monday with a post about the camera gear I took on tour.etc and potentially a video about it all, but we'll see! 

For now - So long and thanks for all the floors (we've slept on) x x x

B: Calum (Tour Manager), Jack Valentine (Drums), Cammy Barnett (Bass), Yours Truly (Photo)

F: Cameron Rennie (Guitar), Bruce Lean (Vocals). Dan Stewart (Guitar)